Remove Pet Odor in Plainfield IL

dog odorsYou may have heard of the term, "Noseblind".  Well, many pet owners have developed a noseblind approach to unwanted pet odors that others struggle to ignore.  Pet odors are hard to prevent, but there is a solution.  A professional ozone treatment does a lot more than cover odors with a special fragrance.  Ozone neutralizes odors, sanitizes the house, and may actually eliminate your flea problem.  Ozone is not a pest treatment, but it can have an adverse affect on small insects.

Pet odors are pervasive.  Even though you might have some areas worse smelling that others, the process should include the whole house.  Small ozone generators cannot do the job.

As an extra note, do not store pets in garage or basement with concrete floors unless the concrete has been sealed.  Urine will seep into concrete and chemically bond in the calcium.  Once this occurs, getting the odor out is an expensive process of etching and resealing the floor.

Treat pet accidents on carpets quickly with a vinegar and water solution and soak it up with a towel without hard rubbing.  This helps, but is not a 100% cure.  Even carpet cleaning, though helpful, will not get rid of pet odors.  Schedule with a professional odor removal specialist for the best results.

OdorXout works with realtors and home sellers to get the house sanitized and odor free.  We also work with rental and lease properties to prepare them for their best chance of selling to odor-concerned prospects.