Remove Odors in Shorewood IL

Real Estate Odor Removal in Shorewood IL

I Don't Smells any Odors

There is a science to odor removal that goes beyond simple cleaning and masking sprays.  The best idea is to destroy the odors at the source.  This is not as simple as people think.  All surfaces create a biofilm as bacteria actually build a hardened network that can hold bacteria, virus, and other contaminates.  Unless you can destroy the biofilm, the surface is never 100% clean.  Scrubbing does not reach the biofilm, painting over the biofilm does not solve the problem either.

An enriched oxygen treatment will destroy the biolfilm the bacteria, and the source of odors.  Smoke leaves a film on all surfaces, including the ceiling,  The OdorXout treatment used environmentally-safe treatments to permanently remove all types of odors, sanitizing the facility, and it even kills mold and mildew.  At that point, the house, condo, or apartment is a neutral canvas that will not offend your potential buyers.

Pet odors are also embedded smells, and can be a source of allergy or asthma aggravation.  The OdorXout removes allergens from the facility as well as the pet odors.  Rarely has one treatment offered so much to eliminate latent odors, health concerns, and left-over problems.

One treatment does it all.  
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