Remove Odors from Real Estate

Remove Odors from Real EstateOne of the negative factors in the sale of a home is the unwanted odors that come from previous owners or tenants.  They can be lingering smoke smell, pet odors, or mildew smells.  Other hurtful smells are strong cooking odors from pungent ingredients, like curry.  The tendency is to think that cleaning, a coat of paint, and new carpet will get rid of these odors.  All these processes help, but the odors are embedded and require more than a coat of paint.

While paint is wet, it seals the walls; but when it dries, it becomes porous.  The embedded smells, like smoke, will leach out and people will still smell the smoke.  

Our professionals use a combination of environmentally-safe products to complete the odor removal process for real estate.  These are probiotics, a professional oxygen-based oxidizer, and a proprietary antimicrobial to eliminate the strongest odors.  It is only a matter of time until the odors are eliminated.  Everyone knows that the first fifteen minutes of the visit by a potential buyer is crucial.  Studies show that the decision to move forward or walk away happen very quickly.

Odors are a very real part of our perception, even if the odors are subtle.  While preparing a home, condo, or apartment for sale; don't neglect odor elimination.  

OdorXout Environmental works with facility managers to provide a very effective odor elimination program that can add thousands of dollars to the final price a buyer is willing to pay for their next home.