Curry Odor in Naperville Townhome

Remove Curry SmellJust recently, OdorXout received a call from a Naperville man trying to rent a townhome that suffered from curry cooking odors. Curry smells are common odor problems that we handle rather consistently.  Frankly, curry and other spicy food odors are more than a momentary problem.  The strong vapors from cooking will embed on the walls, ceiling, carpet, and cabinets.  And, washing these surface with a vinegar and water mixture will help reduce the problem, but will not eliminate the odor.  If you have a home for sell, apartment for rent, or townhome to lease; strong odors like curry will cost you time and money to solve.

Curry and strong-smelling foods are not unlike smoke odors.  The problem is everywhere, not just the kitchen.  It helps to have an exhaust fan for the range, but that is only a partial solution.  Even clean and well-kept homes will impacted by cooking curry-type foods.  The answer is a professional ozone treatment AFTER the building has been cleaned.  Use vinegar water or a similar product to wash as many surfaces as possible.

Secondly, do not paint over these odors.  Not even scented paint will solve the problem.  When the paint dries, it will become porous; and the odors will leach out.

Clean the building with special attention on cabinets (inside and out).  Clean the floors and have the carpet cleaned.  While this helps, the final and most important step is a professional ozone treatment.  Ozone touches every surface, include ceiling and walls.  Ozone breaks down the biofilm that is holding the odor and neutralizes the smell.  This should do the job, and get you back to a neutral position.

Like a smoker apartment, the longer this activity has been going on the longer it takes to get rid of it.  Five to ten years of odor creation must be addressed in multiple steps.  Step one is cleaning.  A deep cleaning reaches every corner and surface.  Ozone is then applied for several hours to destroy the biofilm and neutralize the odor.  Finally, a treatment of a biologic will offers a secondary way to resolve hidden odors.

Expect to pay about $250 and closer to $400-500 if there is a need for a deep cleaning since this is more labor intensive.  However, if the house sells quicker, the price is not hurt by odors, and the customer is happy with the apartment; the fee is well worth the cost to make it right.  And, it is tax deductible.