Plainfield Car Detailer Say Febreze Failed

Plainfield Auto Detailing Odor ProblemOdorXout Environmental treats more than a dozen cars each week for leading car dealers in Joliet, Plainfield, and Naperville.  The most common problem is smoke smell in cars.  Everyone thinks that an off-the-shelf product will eliminate bad odors in cars, and we can tell you that common odor treatments just don't work.

Today, we got a call from a very professional auto detailer who takes a great deal of pride in their work.  The problem was a sour, disgusting odor in the back seat of an SUV.  Before, he called OdorXout Environmental, his team shampooed everything.  Seat were removed, and every effort was made to get the odor out, but the smell was still there.  Finally, the car detailer bought Febreze powder and coated the offending areas liberally.  The Febreze caused a flowery smell, but the sour smell was still there.

Worse yet, the power caked everywhere and embedded into the carpet and seat material.  It was a mess.  That is when he called the OdorXout team.  The OdorXout process uses a three stage process that destroys odor at the microscopic level.  There is no masking of odors, not strong perfumes, and no strong chemicals.  Two hours later, we called the owner over to give the car his most discerning sniff test.  To he delight, he said, "I can't smell that odor any more."  We took him to the exact spots where the odor had been the worst, and the odor was simply gone.

It is great to show off our skills in odor removal.  No matter the odor, OdorXout Environmental can get the odor out, and it will stay out.  We guarantee it.  

Selling your car?  Let OdorXout Environmental deodorize and sanitize your car, SUV, RV, Camper, or truck.  Because price can go down when odors are around.

Joliet Car Dealers:  Odors can influence buyers.  We help you close the deal and preserve your profits.