Pet Smell in Basement

Pet Urine Smell in ConcreteOne of the more stubborn smells we encounter is cat urine in carpets and basement or garage concrete.  The bad news is that pet urine can embed into the material and it takes a serious effort to remediate to odor.  In concrete, the alkaline in the urine can actually combine with the calcium in the concrete.  Therefore, if the concrete is not sealed, the problem is literally embedded into the concrete.  

The steps to remove the pet urine smell from the concrete are to first clean up everything as quickly as possible.  Water and vinegar is good because the vinegar will neutralize some of the problem.  However, water and vinegar is not enough.  When OdorXout gets involved, we apply the steps that go well beyond the options you will find in the store.  Our multi-step process will treat the most stubborn odor problems with environmentally-safe products that fight the odor problem at the molecular level.  

In the end, you will not have to apologize for the odors that reside in your home.  We can also suggest ways to keep pet odors out of your home if you still have pets.