Odor Control Systems

Large-scale odor issues require special and proven systems prevent odors inside and out the facility.  We offer two highly-effective systems that will mitigate odor issues in larger facilities.

1- XytoFresh Odor Neutralizing Interior for inside the facility is done with a proven mixture of probiotics and essential oils specifically designed to neutralize odors at the source.  This environmentally-safe, non-toxic treatment is applied throughout the building with special attention to heavy odor areas.  Once the initial treatment has been accomplished, our Odor Technician will prescribe a program that may be applied by your workers with our continued support.

2- XytoFresh Odor Neutralizing Exterior is used for plants, farms, composting, and waste treatment systems.  If there is a foul odor coming from your farm, plant, or facility; we can stop the problem and provide a fantastic community relation for the community.  Remember, this is a chemical-free, highly-effective solution that can be easily managed by your staff once the process is installed.