Activated Hydrogen PeroxideWe have all tried hundreds of products.  Many of them were good, some didn't work as promised, and most of them came with serious hazard warning.

You will see the new hydrogen peroxide products that are really good products, but none of them have the cross-activation of h2o2 Decon 5.  This is an EPA registered, eco-safe product that is reserved for professionals who tackle the really bad jobs.

h2o2 Decon was developed for the military twelve years ago, and has been marketed to research facilities, medical organizations, and the military.  There was no need to open this to the public ... until we negotiated for a network of proven and trained professionals.

The reason for this is simple.  This product is super-easy and very safe to apply, but the circumstances we treat require a variety of professional skills.  For example, mold remediators have a set of protocols that they must follow.  The same is true for those in trauma or hoarder home cleanup.  

This is the "Good Stuff" that seemingly has no downside.  Yet, the kind of challenges we are called to solve may exceed the skills and training of most people.  Therefore, we only offer this process/product to those who are trained in the protocols they may professionally service.

Personal Protection Equipment

The product is applied in spray, fogging, or as a compress air foam process.  That part is very simple, and the PPE requirements are only a particle face mask with an understanding that the immediate threat many require additional PPE precautions.

Proprietary Product

Activated Hydrogen Peroxideh2o2 Decon 5 is a two-part product that is mixed when needed.  This is the ACTIVATION that delivers extremely effective treatments that off-the-shelf products cannot match.  The product is at full power for eight hours after mixing, then begins to biodegrade and break into harmless elements like water and oxygen.

The unique power and safety of h2o2 Decon 5 is not found in any other product.  We do not supercharge hydrogen peroxide as some products claim.  Our Cross Activation uses the hydrogen peroxide to trigger the other inert ingredients to work on multiple levels at one time.  That is why our treatments are always extremely successful.  There is not guesswork required, and no need for additional products to keep on hand in case this process doesn't work.

There is a special blend of a surfactant that liquifies grease barriers, biofilm, and bonds holding threats in place.  These threats are further hydrolized causing a complete breakdown of proteins and chemical targets.  Thereafter, the activated ingredients have immediate access to every possible threat, whether biological or chemical.