Treating MRSA in Schools

MRSA post infection sanitizing If left unchecked, it will quickly rampage through the rest of the facility.  Fortunately, better solutions are now available to quickly crush a MRSA infection in schools and athletic departments.  The right solution not only stops the disease.  It can save lives.

Since money is an issue, do not hire cleaning firms to send in troops to scrub the facility with bleach or toxic products.  OdorXout Environmental Services uses a highly-effective, EPA registered, sanitizer that can kill the worst of bacteria, virus, and fungi in any facility.  Our application process is far more effective, but takes less manpower to apply.  In lab proven tests, our Peroxy sanitizer will kill the heartiest of germs in two minutes.  However, this sanitizer is environmentally safe for students and faculty returning the next day.  Because we can fully treat a large building in one night, no school days need be forfeited.

To cut off the known pathways of infection, we can aslo bring in BioZone Hand Sanitizer.  This non-Tirclosan, non-alcohol product will inhibit germs on hand for hours after application.

Finally, our trained infection control experts will apply our BioZone Protectant to all surfaces.  This antimicrobial surface treatment will inhibit germs for months after application.  So, don't just treat the people with MRSA.  It is very important to treat the building for MRSA as well.

OdorXout Environmental personnel are Environmental Health Services trained and certified to provide a proven system of post-infection sanitizing services.  We service the greater Chicago are with offices in the Plainfield area with quick response in the Shorewood, Joliet, Naperville, Aurora areas.