Get Rid of Skunk Smell in Joliet IL

Skunk problems are more common that most might think.  Skunks seem to be able to live quite well in many neighborhoods in the Joliet, Romeoville, Naperville, and Aurora area.  They are nocturnal, so you rarely seem them although you might have two dozen within a block or so of your home.  If you see one, stop and retreat in a slow manner.  Call animal control to set out traps to get rid of them.

If your dog or family member gets sprayed by a skunk, the big problem is bringing them in to wash them off.  Skunk odor quickly transfers to everything in the house, even clothes in the drawers. There are few bad smells that transfer for powerfully throughout the home. Skunk spray has THIOLS made of sulfur, and sulphur is very odious.  The smell tends to cling to everything, so the odor is just about infectious as it tends to smell up any area around the spray.

Skunks smell will persist for 14-21 days if left untreated, so the good news is that it will eventually fade away.  Most people do not want to wait that long to get rid of the smell.

Common washing ingredients are Dawn soap, vinegar, and baking soda.  Try to isolate the pet or person in an area like garage, porch, or laundry room.  If there are clothes, double bag them and get them out of the house until you throw them out or treat them.  Dog groomers have more tools for treating skunk odor, so once you have done as much as you can, call a professional dog groomer.

The house will stink for weeks.  You will get a little nose blind to the smell, but others will smell it.  We use a combined approach of shock level ozone to neutralize everything in the house, including the air ducts.  

We follow with a probiotic spray that will digest any remaining deposits.  This is all non-chemical and leaves no residue.  They is no threat to anything in the home, but people and pets must vacate during the treatment.

If you need to get rid of skunk odors in the house or building, call for a quick response.