Sports Training in Darien, IL Cares for Health of Members

MFC Sports Performance in Darien, IL is making an effort to protect their members from possible infections and health related issues. Germ-free and healthy is the focus of this local gym. They have teamed up with Odorxout Environmental to combat the ongoing threat of MRSA,ringworm, and other sports-related infections by treating their facility with Biozone Protectant.  This environmentally safe treatment brings in a new concept of germ-resistant surfaces and air purification solutions to their already state-of-the art training center.

Adam Kamuda, a trainer and part owner of MFC Sports Performance, has become more pro-active in his approach to safeguard his members and employees against the threat of sports related infections and illnesses.  Not only is his facility professionally cleaned ever day, but he is also contracts with local Certified Environmental Technicians to ensure that his fitness and training center is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected to a standard that rivals other gyms in the area.