Allergy & Asthma Relief by Detoxification

Allergy AbatementYour doctor can treat the person for allergies, asthma, MCS, or chemical sensitivities.  OdorXout Environmental treats the building that may be host to a variety of silent triggers that are in your house.  The goal is to eliminate and minimize aggravating factors in the home, day care, school, or workplace.

Our Detoxification and Decontamination is extremely effective in neutralizing the environmental triggers:

► Mold and Mildew
► Dust Mites and insect feces
► Pollen and Allergens
► Chemical residue and Pollution
► VOCs, TICs, and Toxins

The treatment is eco-safe and many people experience immediate relief after the treatment.  Our treatment is quick and effective.  We use an EPA registered, biodegradable product that detoxifies without leaving a toxic residue.  

Try out our process, and if you find it to be effective, we will suggest a discounted program for annual, quarterly, or monthly retreatment.  There is no contract ... just relief.