Commercial Applications

It no longer matters how big the odor problem may be.  Our scalable solution is able to easily handle an odor issue of any size.  Treatments offers choice of methods that will address the limitation, concerns, and challenges your operation struggles to resolve.  We can destroy odors and sanitize at the same time.  

  • Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants:  Don't mask foul, stale odors.  Our team can eliminate odors from your facility and even provide the ability to keep odors away with your won help.
  • Day cares, schools, and college treatment:  Don't use harsh chemicals around children.  Find out how one of our three powerful tools can eliminate odors and infections.
  • Gyms, locker rooms, and workout centers:  Whether a boutique gym, mega-gym, or sports facility; we will show you how to keep odors away and prevent sports infections.  We can even treat uniforms so they do not stink or spread infections.
  • Fleet sanitizing services for trucks, vans, and trailers:  Discover the best system for deodorizing and sanitizing your vehicles.
  • Farm Odors and Composting Problems can be easily solved with our XytoFresh system.  Non-toxic, affordable, and high-effective odor control program.
  • Hotel and apartment odor removal
  • Pet care and kennels for odor and infection control
  • Professional Infection Control
  • Vacant real estate with bad smells
  • Medical offices, urgent care, and therapy centers
  • Car dealerships, trucking centers, and trailer deodorization
  • Allergy abatement of offices and workplaces
  • Hospice and senior care facilities
  • Mass transit, buses, planes, and trains
  • Sports teams, locker rooms, and uniforms

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