Cat Odor Problem in Joliet IL

We were called out to a very nice home in Joliet with a car urine odor.  The owner wasn't sure the actual source of the odor and wondered if an animal had died in the partial crawl space area of the home.  Upon inspection, there was not dead animal, but with a little guesswork, we suggested the probable source was cat urine because the cat liked the secluded area of basement crawlspace.  The owner said he had owned a cat five years ago, but that it had be a pet that tended to pee in certain corners of the home.  The reason that the smell surfaced was a basement wall leak that added the moisture to the gravel an dirt area where the cat had peed.

Embedded pet and pet urine odors are never easy.  The 100% cure is to tear everything out, seal the subsurface area, and put in new materials.  So, trying to save carpet and padding is a little like pushing back the tide.  Pet urine can go through the carpet, into the padding, and into the subflooring.  Everything we have works from the outside in, so the erosion of odors is like peeling an onion one layer at a time.  The smell didn't get there in a week, month, or year ... but several years in most cases.  So, other than replacing the carpet, padding, and sealing the subfloor at the cost of several thousand dollars; the other solutions require far, far more than spraying a deodorizing fragrance around.

In this case, we started with a probiotic treatment to begin eroding the source of the odor.  This helped, but not enough.  We then applied 5 hours of ozone treatment, which is the most powerful, non-chemical treatment in our arsenal.  This did really diminished the odor issue.  We then treated the area with a spray of odor neutralizing product.  At the end, the odor was gone, but we will check back with the customer to assure best results.  If a secondary treatment is required, that will be done as well.

Do not think of embedded odors like a dirt on the floor which can be removed with one treatment.  Heavy and embedded odors are into the fabric, cushion, and subsurface materials.  They are trapped, but will tend to drift out at any time.  The erosion of embedded smells are best treated with a serious, professional ozone treatment.  The other elements are enzymes, probiotic, essential oils, and good cleaning.

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