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Tobacco Odor Removal

Remove Cigarette SmokeTobacco odor or smoke odor will survive carpet cleaning and new paint.  Frankly, smoke leaves a film on everything that requires complete replacement of carpet, curtains, and new paint.  When paint dries, it becomes porous again, and the smoke smell underneath will return.  

Foul Smell in Car Removed

Yet another car odor problem was called in yesterday.  A mysterious and foul trash smell was making this customer's car a horrible driving experience.  He tried using sprays and deodorizing powders, but they did not get the smell out.  Why should they?  No matter what they advertise, sprays and powders are simply masking odors and do not cure to car odor problem.

Fighting Odors in Senior Homes

The science is in, and it is true that a slowing metabolism rate and reduced enzyme production can lead to the "Old Person Smell".  While an unpleasant subject, it is a fact of life.  The formal name for one of these odor sources is Nonenal.  This is from an inability to breakdown Omega-7 oils, which then make their way to the skin surface.

Get the Smell out of Gym, Spas, and Workout Centers

Rid of Gym SmellThere are two big concerns that can have profound affect on the members of any gym, spa, or workout center.  They are SMELL and GERMS.  Odor and smell tend to go together, and most of these workout facilities rely on their cleaning program to do the job.  Certainly, the cleaning program is essential to gyms, but there are many basics that can be ignored or poorly applied.  

Germ Free Day Care Innovation

No one questions that nursery or day care centers are "Germ Central" for any illness going around.  Children share everything and disease is one of the common shared events.  This is why cleaning is probably only second to the care of the children in daily tasks.  The more diligent day care centers will clean the facility every night and provide hand washing instructions to the children.  This is not enough although a step in the right direction.