Get Rid of Skunk Smell in Joliet IL

Skunk problems are more common that most might think.  Skunks seem to be able to live quite well in many neighborhoods in the Joliet, Romeoville, Naperville, and Aurora area.  They are nocturnal, so you rarely seem them although you might have two dozen within a block or so of your home.  If you see one, stop and retreat in a slow manner.  Call animal control to set out traps to get rid of them.

Cat Odor Problem in Joliet IL

We were called out to a very nice home in Joliet with a car urine odor.  The owner wasn't sure the actual source of the odor and wondered if an animal had died in the partial crawl space area of the home.  Upon inspection, there was not dead animal, but with a little guesswork, we suggested the probable source was cat urine because the cat liked the secluded area of basement crawlspace.  The owner said he had owned a cat five years ago, but that it had be a pet that tended to pee in certain corners of the home.

Sports Training in Darien, IL Cares for Health of Members

MFC Sports Performance in Darien, IL is making an effort to protect their members from possible infections and health related issues. Germ-free and healthy is the focus of this local gym. They have teamed up with Odorxout Environmental to combat the ongoing threat of MRSA,ringworm, and other sports-related infections by treating their facility with Biozone Protectant.  This environmentally safe treatment brings in a new concept of germ-resistant surfaces and air purification solutions to their already state-of-the art training center.

Remove Odors from Real Estate

Remove Odors from Real EstateOne of the negative factors in the sale of a home is the unwanted odors that come from previous owners or tenants.  They can be lingering smoke smell, pet odors, or mildew smells.  Other hurtful smells are strong cooking odors from pungent ingredients, like curry.  The tendency is to think that cleaning, a coat of paint, and new carpet will get rid of these odors.

Pet Smell in Basement

Pet Urine Smell in ConcreteOne of the more stubborn smells we encounter is cat urine in carpets and basement or garage concrete.  The bad news is that pet urine can embed into the material and it takes a serious effort to remediate to odor.  In concrete, the alkaline in the urine can actually combine with the calcium in the concrete.  Therefore, if the concrete is not sealed, the problem is literally embedded into the concrete.