Basement Odor Solution

There are a variety of issues that can cause basement odors.  The neglect of the basement makes it the perfect place for odors to develop.  Dust and debris is just one part of the problem.  Unless ventilated, smells will compound.  

It is true that the untreated wood (usually pine) can produce a musty-wood smell.  Things stored in the basement may age and be another source of sublte odors.  Worse yet, leaving cardboard boxes or wood laying around is a big mistake.  Paper, cardboard, and wood are a food source for mold and mildew.  Get rid of paper and cardboard and use mildew-proof boxes for storage.

Moisture is the worst threat for basement odors.  To be proactive, do not ignore leaks or moisture in the basement.  Mold will certainly follow if there is moisture and a cellulose to provide the right environment.  Once mold gets a foothold, the process of mold removal is more expensive than proactive measure to prevent it.

If your basement gets flooded, quick action is crucial.  First, pump out the water and use wet vacs to pull out as much water as possible.  Get everything out to a safe area to dry,  Then, bring on OdorXout Environmental to treat the facility to stop mold and mold damage.  Mold can start in 48-96 hours, so it is a mistake to delay the work.

Pet smells in the basement can come from animals who mark their territory or urinate in certain areas.  Treating with a vinegar and water mix is good if you get to the area quickly.  If the urine is allowed to dry, the alkaline in the calcium will combine locking the odor into the concrete.

Once again, call OdorXout Envrionmental to solve your household odors, basement odors, smoke odors, and cooking odors.  We treat odors in homes for sale, apartment odors, and sanitizing your next home or apartment.

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