Amazing Odor Elimination - Eco-Safe, Non-Toxic

Odor Removal, but so much More...

Odor RemovalOne Product could Do all This?

   ►  Totally Eliminate Foul Odors
   ►  Perform a Six Log Pathogen Kill
   ►  Neutralizes Real Estate of Sale Odors 
   ►  Kill Mold and Mildew on Contact
   ►  Break Up the Biofilm and Grease Barriers
   ►  Decontaminate Vacant Real Estate Odors
   ►  Remove Odor after a Fire or Flood
   ►  Neutralize Chemical Residue  (including drug use)
   ►  Take out Ambient VOCs and TICs (allergy & asthma relief)
   ►  Remove cigarette and Smoke Odor
   ►  We even remove "Death Odor" after cleanup is done
Odor Removal and Sanitizing ServiceSafe and Effective ...
   Our electrostatic sprayer system outperforms ozone or other systems.  Our spray system is applied in about an hour, and normal activity can resume shortly after treatment.  There are no latent chemical odors, and every square inch of the building is treated with one fo the most effect sanitizing, deodorizing, and detoxification processes anywhere.
   ►  EPA Registered
   ►  Biodegradable
   ►  Non-Toxic
   ►  Non-polluting
   ►  Leaves no chemical residue
   ►  Does the Job in One Treatment

Cold & Flu Season Treatment

Infection PreventionWe offer a highly-effective sanitizing treatment for gyms, day care, schools, and office with our No Touch spray system that applies a sevel-log (99.99999%) sanitizing product.  Why spend hours and hours scrubbing when our high-tech, No Touch spray process literally treats every square inch with one of the best sanitizing treatments anyway?  Yet, the treatment is safe, biodegradable, and leaves no toxic residue.  And, our treatment is affordable.  

Avoid the much larger financial impact of abseteeism with our "Infection Breaker" treatment that treats the building until the disease has passed.  One time treatments are helpful, but not effective since sick people re-enter the building the next day.  Because our process applies quickly, we can treat your facility multiple times until the worst of the infection has passed.

This service include skin diseases in sports facilities, locker rooms, gyms, and school.  Community-based diseases are outside your building, but intensify in community buildings.  To prevent the spread of skin diseases, do your best to clean and sanitize (we can offer advice to workers), and use our "Infection Breaker" service.  

Detoxification means Relief for asthma, allergy, and MCS